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My name is Brian Rose. Designer since birth.

Graphic Design, Marketing, Real Estate Production, Web Design, iOS Theme Design, Clothing Company Owner, Video Production, Branding....All areas I work in actively.

BS in Visual Communication Design and Marketing with Cum Laude Honors.

services offered

graphic design real estate production design marketing app/ios theme design web design apparel design branding logos

email me for consultation or call me at 408_656_3125

ios themes

website (download link on website)
nom_nom ios theme 8-10.2 for jailbroken iphones

Includes: 200+ Icons, Custom Badges, Custom Status Bar, IconBundles, Folder Styles, Settings Icons, Respring Logo.
Use with Anemone.


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clothing lines

Dybbuk Rags Clothing Line

Flower T-Shirt

Love N' Hate Sweatshirt (Black)

Love N' Hate Sweatshirt (White)

Vine T-shirt

Splat T-Shirt

Jammin’ Tees Clothing Line
Jammin’ Tees reflect the emotion and meanings of various songs. Each design incorporates a line of the lyrics in the design. Limited edition! Details about the meaning behind each shirt design is underneath the shirt. If you want like to purchase one send me an email with your selection and size choice.

Brand New – Daisy (Adventure Club Remix)

In the background of this design is a music equalizer that breaks away into eight different smaller designs, each representing a line from the song. Starting from the left is a river with no water to represent the link “I’m a river that is all dry”. Second to the top left is a face with no mouth to represent the line “I’m a mouth that doesn’t smile”. Second from the right on the top is a single mountain that has been moved away from a mountain range to represent the line “I’m a mountain that has been moved”. Far top right is a sun inside a jacket to represent the line “I’m a sun that doesn’t burn hot”. The bottom left is a depressed person to symbolize the overall feeling of the song. The second to the left on the bottom is a book with a word crossed out to represent the line “I’m a word that no one ever wants to say”. Second to the right on the bottom is an ocean with nothing on it to represent the line “I’m an ocean nothing floats on”. Bottom right is a moon being a cloud to represent the line “I’m a moon that never shows its face”. The normal version of this song for the most part is depressing, but on the other hand it does say “it was time to start things over again” and comparing this to planting grass and starting fresh. In addition, this song is a dubstep remix, which also symbolizes starting anew because this second is completed changed. I put a big speaker right in the middle because dubstep is very obnoxious and loud with heavy bass. The color of grass was also chosen to go with the “starting anew”. The lyrics chosen for this song is “I don’t know about you but I never get tired of it” because I feel this line has the most impact. The artist never gets tired of starting things new when hey go bad.

Chill Bump – It’s Alive

The lyrical phrase “hip hop is not dead” is bursting out of a coffin to show that hip hop is not dead. Going through the coffin is a heartbeat that is still beating to show that hip hop is alive. On the heartbeat, starting from the bottom towards the top is a Vinyl, then a cassette, then a CD, and then a MPC machine to show the evolution of hip hop through time. Yellow was chosen because it is very vibrant and represents being alive.

The Dubliners – Molly Malone

In order to best represent the meaning of this Irish song, the design uses the shape of the Ireland for Molly Malone’s body for it is the unofficial anthem of Ireland. Her breasts are gigantic to symbolize her promiscuousness and how she was considered a prostitute at night. To this day, tourists always take pictures of the statue grabbing her breasts. The line “singing cockles and mussels” is symbolized here with a microphone coming from the wheelbarrow to her mouth with cockles and mussels along the cord. The bonnet on her head is the type of headwear worn by women at that time. The lyrics chosen from the song to be incorporated into this design are “Alive Alive Oh”, which are made out of cockles and muscles. The color pink, the short dress for that time, and the lips with pink lipstick all represent Molly Malone’s promiscuousness.

The Limousines – We Are Very Busy People

This design represents hipsters who say they are really busy, but in fact are doing meaningless things. The design makes a person from different elements talked about in the song. The head is screenshot of Eric Victorino photoshoping a picture of himself to represent the line “We’ll stay up late making mix tapes Photoshopping pictures of ourselves.” The body is a PBR beer can to represent the line “as we drink ourselves to death”. PBR is the typical hipster drink. The beer can also as a V cut out of it at the top to make a V-Neck, which is what hipsters often wear. The right arm is an iPod with song names no one has ever heard and all with a play count of 0 to represent the line “I’ve got an iPod like a pirate ship I’ll sail the seas with fifty thousands songs I’ve never heard.” The left arm is a bunch of people holding hands and a clock with infinity symbols for the hand. This is to represent the line “But we’ve always got time for new friends.” The left leg is a TV with Donnie Darko playing to represent the line “That Donnie Darko DVD has been repeating for a week and we know every single word”. The right leg is the lyrics most prominent in the song “We Are Very Busy People.”

Lionel Richie – All Night Long

The design symbolizes everyone forgetting his or her troubles and just wanting to dance and enjoy the night away. Around Lionel Richie’s face are people dancing, hearts, and music notes. There are also vines and swirls that connect everything together because the song is about everyone coming together to dance, no matter their cultural background or race. Everyone has come together for the same reason, to dance. The color and style also reflect the 80s culture of the time. The lyrics from the song chosen are “All Night Long” because this phrase makes the song.

Pogues – The Irish Rover

This Irish song illustrates a ship sinking that has endless amounts of alcohol on it. The ship has crooked messed up teeth and a huge ear to represent Pogues. The song talks about “seven million barrels of porter” so the ship pours beer into the ship’s mouth and splashes everywhere. This is also a drinking song so of course beer splashing everywhere is necessary. The lyrics chosen are the “Last of the Irish Rover” because this is the last line and has the most meaning. This is also why the ship only represents one person instead of many people drinking.

Ronnie Drew – Raglan Road

In order to best represent the meaning of this Irish song, the design is composed of elements that together make up the face of Patrick Kavanagh. He is known for this fedora type of hat and black glasses. In the hat are two pairs of footsteps that make a heart, and then one pair of footsteps leaves the other behind. This symbolizes the girl that he loves who left him. The girl’s pair of footsteps leave and continue down his face past his left eye to make a tear drop to represent his sadness. He knew this would happened and saw this with his rationale mind, but his heart does not care. That is why on the right of the glasses is a brain to show his rationale mind and on the left is a beautiful girl that he chases after anyways. The actual Raglan Road sign represents Patrick Kavanagh’s mouth. The color of light blue was chosen because it is the color of tears and sadness.

Thin Lizzy – Whiskey In The Jar

In order to best represent the meaning of this Irish song, Phil Lynott’s face is in the form of a whiskey jar and there is a broken red heart connected to a ball and chain to represent his love for Molly that was destroyed because she betrayed him and was the reason for his prison sentence. He stole money from the army captain to make her happy, and she went behind his back and left him in jail for life. The ball in chain is also connected to an earring on the right side of the afro because Phil Lynott is known for wearing this style of earring. The lyrics “there’s whiskey in the jar-o” are incorporated into the design because they are the most prominent in the song.

The Weeknd – The Birds Parts 1

Simply, this design illustrates the fact that Abel Tesfaye doesn’t want all these girls to fall in love with him. The swan was made black, because swan’s symbolizes love, and this song is about not wanting love to occur. On the swan’s wings is X and O because that is The Weeknd’s label. Below the swan are pink symbols which represent females and also the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love. They are falling away from the bird to represent girls are always chasing him and he is always “flying away”. The swan is also smoking a cigarette because the artist The Weeknd smokes cigarettes. There is smoke coming from the cigarette with the lyrics “Don’t make me make you fall in love” because this is what the song is all about. Pink and black colors were chosen to show the abundance of love and the negative desire of it.


app design

DConstruct is an App to promote and improve the experience of an area. Users search for a location and then the app provides specific buildings within that area. Users then locate the buildings through GPS and take a photo of it. After the photo is taken, interesting facts and information not normally found on the web are provided about that particular building.


r & d

Screen Overload
With the rise of technology and the amount of applications that use screens to portray the relevant information and data, people need to be informed about the negative health effects that can come about from constantly staring at screens. Screen / Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a relevant issue in today’s society that people need to be aware about. Staring at screens for more than ten hours a day is not uncommon for people in work, educational, & personal environments. 88% of computer users at one point or another will be affected by ocular surface abnormalities. This purpose of this study will be to develop a visual campaign to inform the public about techniques to prevent CVS. (Abstract from the book)

Full size: [x] Conclusion poster full size: [x]

Full campaign preview on CVS

Examples of pages from the book about Computer Vision Syndrome

Stickers to raise awareness about Computer Vision Syndrome and a tip to help prevent it

Sticker in context

Pamphlet to raise awareness about Computer Vision Syndrome and a tip to help prevent it

Poster to raise awareness about Computer Vision Syndrome and a tip to help prevent it

Poster in context

Poster to raise awareness about Computer Vision Syndrome and a tip to help prevent it

Poster in context

Conclusion poster


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